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Michelle Griffin, LOXBOX
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Michelle Griffin


Passionate about haircare and from her unequalled expertise in hair extension techniques, Michelle Griffin has created a new brand of hair extensions to suit every need: from fashion to hair loss – introducing LOXBOX


For students completing their NVQ 2. A programme designed to run alongside the National qualifications, it includes basic hair extension training on two methods available within Michelle Griffin Academy. The period will cover up to one year learning and they will gain salon floor experience and a basic knowledge of hairdressing and include hair extension application and a removal as well as all units required to complete NVQ 2.


This programme is designed for stylists with NVQ2.This programme will cover extension application and removals in two methods of extensions systems available within the academy. Cutting, blending and styling and creative development. This programme will run for 12 months with a timetable to complete.

Refresh & inspire

Refresh and develop your basic hairdressing skills. Created for hairdressers who feel they have lost confidence or feel they would benefit from visiting the basic techniques, re-building up self-assurance and gaining inspiration. This course will consist of demonstrations and practical work.

Cutting creative

Progressive cutting techniques for hair extensions. Learn how to blend seamless into extension hair; create solid lines, disconnections and strengthen haircuts by using the correct cutting techniques. Cutting Creative delivers confidence in hair extension cutting.


Pre–Covers all aspects of basic hair extension application: from the correct use of tools, application and placement patterns for a full head of hair extensions.This course was developed for NEW stylists and Hair Extensionists, ideally with an NVQ 2 to learn the foundation blocks and basic techniques of hair extensions in their chosen method of application.

Advanced creative

Designed for stylists with a minimum of three years experience and are competent in graduation, texturising and freehand methods of cutting. This course will motivate, inspire and develop your creativity. Learn new placements and techniques with integration, colour matching and use methods delegated to soften and strengthen haircuts as well as learning new techniques.

Michelle Griffin


Michelle Griffin is an award winning hair extension specialist and educator based in Griffins Salon in Birmingham – offering bespoke training and education to salons across the UK, Ireland, Greece and the UAE.

Michelle Griffin


Michelle Griffin extensions